Schools Close in Scotland Over Strike

Teachers across Scotland have gone on strike over a long-running dispute concerning pay and conditions. This has resulted in the closure of many schools, leaving thousands of pupils unable to attend school on what was meant to be the first day of term.

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The strike is part of a growing campaign by teachers against declining pay and worsening working conditions that have been exacerbated by years of austerity cuts. The Scottish Government has repeatedly failed to meet teacher’s demands for improved salaries, prompting members of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) union to take action.

The impact of this industrial action is already being felt across Scotland, with over 1,000 schools closed as teachers demonstrate their discontent. For those parents who rely on state education, the strike has presented serious practical difficulties, including disruption to childcare and lost income from taking time off work.


The Scottish Government is now under pressure to resolve the dispute as soon as possible to limit the disruption for pupils, parents, and teachers. Both sides have indicated that they are willing to sit down and discuss a way forward, but with no resolution yet in sight, it looks like this could be an extended period of disruption for our education system.

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