Roma Migrants Struggle as Brexit and Covid Upheavals

Leaving to Remain tells the story of a young Roma family who left Romania in search of a better life in London. The film follows their journey as they struggle to secure their future in the midst of Brexit and Covid-19 upheavals. In this compelling feature length documentary, director Alina Gatti offers insight into the challenges faced by an undocumented immigrant family and the strength of human will to survive despite all odds.

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The film begins with Paula, the mother of two children, who has moved her family from poverty stricken Romania to England. She works hard cleaning homes for minimal pay but is determined to provide a better life for her children. As news of Brexit looms, Paula and her children face uncertain futures due to their lack of legal immigration status.

The film captures the emotions and frustrations of Paula’s situation, as she is unable to secure a permanent residence permit. The documentary also follows the efforts of community activists who ramp up their fight for migrant rights in the wake of Brexit and Covid-19. They have organized protests and campaigns to raise awareness about issues affecting immigration in Britain and to demand better protection for immigrants.

Leaving to Remain offers an intimate portrait of a family caught in the political turmoil of two historical events – Brexit and Covid-19 – that have changed our world forever. It highlights both the fragility of existence when faced with bureaucracy, as well as the tremendous strength found in resilience and solidarity during difficult times.

The film is a must-see for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding immigration and how they affect people’s lives. It is an eye-opening documentary that explores both the complexities of migration as well as the humanity behind it. Leaving to Remain is sure to leave viewers with a greater appreciation for the courage and strength of those seeking new homes and opportunities overseas.

Watching this powerful documentary will show you first hand why we need stronger policies in place that recognize and protect people’s human rights, regardless of their immigration status. The story of Paula’s family provides us all with an opportunity to think about our own privilege, while also considering what can be done to ensure a more humane immigration system.

Leaving to Remain brings this story to life in an emotive and beautifully crafted way, offering viewers a unique window into the lives of Roma migrants caught between the Brexit and Covid-19 upheavals. It is a must-see for anyone wanting to learn more about migration and its impact on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

In addition to watching Leaving to Remain, there are several ways that you can help support those affected by Brexit and Covid-19 upheavels. Consider donating time or money to non-profit organizations that specialize in helping immigrants access critical services such as legal aid, resources for language learning, job placement programs, or other essential supports. You can also get involved in immigration-related activism, such as attending marches and rallies, signing petitions, or writing to your local representatives about the importance of protecting migrants’ rights. By taking a stand for immigration reform, you are helping create a more just and equitable world for all.

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