Rishi Sunak’s History Addressed by Labour Group

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The Conservative candidate for leadership, Rishi Sunak, was director of a free school with close ties to rightwing libertarians. This school has multiple financial and safeguarding failings detected years after he left.


Regarding Sunak’s time as a director at ELSS, Labour said there were questions to answer about how his former position there would require an admission of guilt.


The school was founded and led by the now-dissolved Revolutionary Communist party members.


Many former members of leftist groups are now aligned with the right wing, including Spiked, a divisive right-wing website.

It is understood that Sunak got involved at the ELSS while preparing to run for office as a Conservative MP. A source near him said Boris Johnson’s team had recommended the school in City Hall.


Sunak was involved in inviting a Communist who had founded a Revolutionary Stalinist Communist party to speak at an event that wasn’t University-related. Sunak’s “source close to Sunak,” said he had not been involved in the invitation. Furedi told the Guardian he had been invited to discuss Pedagogic matters with students and staff members of the University.


If you’re a regular contributor at Spiked, you’ve written articles arguing against consent classes in schools and critiquing the furore around Jimmy Savile.

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David Perks was the principal of ELSS from 2013 to 2015. He and Sunak were heavily criticised for the government investigation by whistleblowers in 2019 that followed Sunak’s departure from the school.


In 2020, five years after Sunak left, the Education and Skills Funding Agency issued the ELSS with a “notice to improve.”


It also criticises the school’s connections to the Battle of Ideas charity. This charity is connected with Claire Fox, who was later a pro-Brexit party member. The school paid the charity £14,400 in 2019 for an event – but the report still criticises these potential conflicts and says there’s no evidence showing how or if these conflicts are managed.


Labour’s shadow education secretary, Bridget Phillipson, requested a detailed explanation of Rishi Sunak’s relationships with the people in this school following disastrous programs during his time as chancellor.


Ofsted criticised the school in December 2021 due to poor safeguarding and inadequate provision for personal development. The school was rated as “good” when Sunak acted as a director before this.


The Harris Federation is expected to take over the ELSS, according to Schools Week.


A plague has affected the country, and one individual, Perks, is stating his opinion that he will not follow government guidelines to wear a mask while in school.


ELSS declines to comment on their ties to right-wing libertarians.


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