Quidditch has abolished the title to separate from Harry Potter

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The International Quidditch Association and the Major League Quidditch Association were forced to cut ties with the writer when they were criticised for her stance on transgender rights and recruiting new players to the sport.


Harry Potter introduced the sport to the world in his famous series of books. The real-life version follows the same rules and is played by 600 teams in 40 countries. The author has yet to endorse it because she has been busy with her activism for LGBTQ rights.


The sport, Quidditch, is encouraged by those who identify with the trans and non-binary community in real-life. They usually carry brooms with them.


QUK is satisfied with the change and has described it as a symbolic and practical milestone. The name change was necessary to demonstrate their support for the players and reinforce the game’s legal standing. They now hope it will lead to greater opportunities for funding, both internally and externally.


Quaddball is growing as a sport because it has been renamed that. Tom Ffiske, in London, told Radio 1 Newsbeat this will help the sport grow and develop like any other, becoming “its own identity.”


Tom says the implications of Rowling’s comments mean it is best to separate one from the other. Rowling’s bombastic imagery of Quidditch leaves an impression on players, and when it comes to changing the name, Tom argues that this will lose that aspect of the game.


He admits that fewer people may be interested in coming, but the benefits will outweigh any impression Quidditch might have because of its name.


In the future, eSports will be considered a professional sport that requires significant time and practice.


“I enjoyed playing soccer because of the community and the sport, which I found valuable.”

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Late last year, US Quidditch and MLQ announced they would conduct a series of surveys to find a new name for the sport after JK Rowling attracted criticism for her views on gender identity.


In the past, the author has been motivated to speak out about transgender issues because of her experience with domestic abuse and sexual assault. Critics have accused the writer of being transphobic, but she strongly refutes that allegation.


Quidditch was changed to “Zap!” to avoid confusion due to trademark issues and Rowling’s distaste for the name. Quidditch is a trademark owned by Warner Brothers, while Zap! It is under the control of ZAP Planning Limited.


QUK concluded that the sport and community are already inclusive, and the claim will make them even more so.


Rowling did not participate in filming a reunion special aired earlier this year; Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson have distanced themselves from her comments.


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