Pupils with Disabilities Thrive with the help of Tech

A new survey uses eye-gaze technology to allow children with profound learning disabilities to give their views on what’s important to them. The survey, conducted by the children’s commissioner for Wales, Rocio Cifuentes, is designed to identify issues that need to be addressed to protect the rights of disabled children.

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Concepts are explained using songs and smells, and answers are taken by technology that follows the pupils’ eyes. This allows the children to express their views even if they cannot speak.

The survey is important in ensuring that all children in Wales have a voice and that their rights are protected. It is also a great example of how technology can be used to empower those who might otherwise be excluded from participating in important discussions.

According to Cifuentes, the survey is just the beginning of her work to ensure that disabled children in Wales are given the same opportunities and rights as other children. She plans to use the survey results to inform her future work for all children in Wales.

In addition to conducting the survey, Cifuentes is also working on a project to create a children’s charter that would set out the rights of all children in Wales. This would be the first time such a document has been made in Wales, and it would be an important step in ensuring that all children are aware of their rights and have access to information about how to exercise them.


The eye-gaze survey is just one example of how technology is being used to give a voice to those who might otherwise be excluded from participating in important discussions. As we become more aware of the potential of technology to level the playing field, we will likely see more and more examples of its use in empowering marginalised groups.

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