Pupils Enter Secondary Without Basic Maths and English

Sadly, many individuals are not equipped with the necessary skills to make it through secondary school. A quarter of a million children enter secondary school every year without acquiring basic maths and English knowledge, leaving them at a disadvantage compared to their peers.

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This highlights an underlying problem: primary education needs to adequately prepare these students for the next level of learning. Without the essential foundational skills, such as the ability to read and write fluently or solve simple math equations, these young people face numerous challenges as they progress further into their educational journey. This can lead to difficulties understanding complex classroom content, lower grades than they could have achieved if they had been well-prepared beforehand, and even complete drop-out from the educational system.

It is therefore important to ensure that primary schools provide a comprehensive curriculum and accessible learning resources, so children can develop these core literacy and numeracy skills before moving on to secondary school. This can give them a much better chance of succeeding in their studies later on and help reduce drop-out rates among students who may otherwise be left behind. It is also important to look at poverty levels and social factors contributing to this issue; many students come from backgrounds where they do not have access to the resources necessary for gaining basic skills like reading and writing. Therefore, there must be initiatives put in place to bridge this gap.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of all stakeholders – including governments, educational institutions, parents and non-profits – to ensure that children have the opportunity to gain the essential skills they need to make it through secondary school. With everyone working together, we can create a world where no child ever has to enter secondary school without basic maths or English knowledge.

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