Protesting Pupils saved Street

The pupils of Chisenhale primary school in Bow, Tower Hamlets, have successfully stopped the workers who came to dismantle their school street. Parents gathered outside the school on Thursday morning to show support for the area, which includes a play space protected by a wooden fence, trellised with plants and painted in bright colours.

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On Wednesday night, after a parent of one of the pupils at the school spotted men in hi-vis jackets arriving at the site with tools and vans to demolish it, children and parents alike rushed to defend the space.

The group were able to stop the workers from carrying out their plans and vowed to continue fighting for their right to keep the space.

The play space has been a vital part of the school community for many years, and the pupils are determined to keep it.

This is not the first time the school has had to fight for its play space – in 2017, the council tried to sell off the land for development but was met with similar opposition from pupils and parents.

The community will not give up without a fight, and they will continue to fight for their right to a safe and fun place to play.


In addition, this symbolises a much wider issue of the lack of investment in public spaces and services for children. We must fight for the right of all children to have access to good quality, safe and fun play spaces. This is important not only for their physical health but also for their mental health and well-being.

The pupils of Chisenhale primary school have shown us that it is possible to fight back and win. We must all continue to fight for the right of every child to have a safe and fun place to play.

This is a victory for the community and a testament to the power of people working together to defend their rights. With the support of their parents and the wider community, the pupils of Chisenhale primary school have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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