Prelim Exams Rescheduled Due to Strikes

The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association (SSTA) is currently in its second week of industrial action, including a strike on Monday, 30th May. This has resulted in the postponement of prelim examinations for thousands of secondary school students due to take them this week. The SSTA has stated that the disruption was necessary in order to achieve fair pay, manageable workloads and investment in education services across Scotland.

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Despite several negotiations between the SSTA and local authorities, an agreement has yet to be reached. As a result, teachers are set to continue taking action until their demands are met.

The postponing prelim exams will mean pupils who were due to sit them this week won’t be able to do so. They have been rescheduled for July, but this may mean some students cannot pursue further study or work due to the delays.

The Scottish Government has called on both sides to settle their differences as soon as possible and reiterated its commitment to investing in education services across Scotland. It is hoped that an agreement between the SSTA and local authorities can be reached soon to minimise disruption for pupils, teachers and parents alike.

In the meantime, teachers are continuing their industrial action to secure better pay and conditions for themselves and a better educational experience for Scotland’s young people.

As well as disrupting exam students, the strike has had wider implications for schooling across Scotland. Many schools have been forced to close or operate on reduced timetables due to the action, disrupting pupils and parents.

The dispute between teachers and local authorities is ongoing, with no resolution yet. It remains to be seen how it will be resolved and what impact this will have on students taking their exams later in the year. In the meantime, many hope that an agreement can be reached soon so that normal school life can resume and Scottish education services can receive sufficient investment.

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