Portishead Boy Joins Mensa After Accomplishments

Albert Frederick, a 7-year-old boy from Portishead, is making headlines after becoming one of the youngest to join Mensa, an international society for people with high IQs.

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Albert taught himself to read when he was two years old, and by age five he was reading at an advanced level. His parents noticed his extraordinary intelligence and decided to get him tested for Mensa. Amazingly, Albert scored 146 on the Cattell III B IQ test – well within the genius range!

Albert is already taking full advantage of his membership in Mensa. He has joined an online forum where he can connect with other highly intelligent people worldwide. Albert’s parents are thrilled with his accomplishment and believe it will open up new opportunities for him. His mother said, “Albert has always been a bright child, so we knew he was capable of something special. We’re so proud of him for achieving this impressive at such a young age.”

Albert’s remarkable accomplishment shows that anything is possible with determination and dedication. He has already begun to inspire others by showing that intelligence can take you anywhere if you put your mind to it. Albert’s future looks very bright indeed!

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