Pandemic Disrupted Kids’ Relationship with School 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the relationship between children and schools. The transition from in-person to distance learning disconnected students from their teachers, classmates, and sense of normalcy. As schools continue to navigate this shift, understanding its impact on students is essential for providing them with the support they need during these difficult times.

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Many students miss seeing their friends in person and are sad they can’t return to the way things were before. This lacking social support has further compounded feelings of isolation and loneliness that many have felt since the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, even though virtual learning can provide some structure, it doesn’t replace face-to-face interaction with teachers, who can provide support and guidance.

Students also need help adjusting to the new expectations of distance learning. Students must be motivated and organised enough to prioritise their studies independently without in-person instruction. This has been particularly difficult for younger children who may lack the skills or maturity to engage with their classes and complete assignments on time.

The pandemic is likely to have a long-term impact on how we approach education in the future. One key lesson is that it’s essential to maintain a strong relationship between schools and students – even when they can’t interact in person. Technology can help bridge this gap, but face-to-face interaction remains an important part of learning. Schools should proactively find ways to engage with students and give them the support they need.

As schools continue to navigate these unprecedented times, understanding the impact of the pandemic on children’s relationship with the school is essential for providing them with the best possible education. By comprehensively addressing their needs, we can ensure that all children have access to the quality educational experience they deserve.

How can schools best support students and bridge the gap caused by distance learning?

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