Oxford School Shooting Policies Become Questioned

Former Oxford School District board members have spoken out about the negligence that led to the tragedy earlier this month. Though the district had implemented several safety policies, they were ignored when it came to protecting students and staff from potential threats.

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Eyewitnesses state that on the day of the shooting, there was no security presence at the school, despite numerous reports of threats made by a student in recent weeks. Additionally, school officials failed to take any action against the perpetrator, who had been previously identified as posing a threat to other students.


The former board members have expressed disappointment at how district administrators and staff disregarded their warnings and concerns about inadequate safety measures. They noted several missed opportunities before the shooting, including the lack of security presence, as well as inadequate training and communication systems.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that some safety policies were not followed or overlooked in the days leading up to the shooting. These include protocols for reporting suspicious activity, conducting mental health screenings for potential threats, and responding quickly to warning signs from students or staff.

In light of such negligence, former board members advocate for improved measures to ensure student safety in all school districts. They argue that these measures must be implemented and enforced regularly to prevent future tragedies from happening again. The former board members have also called on district administrators and staff to take responsibility for their actions and ensure that all procedures are followed properly. Oxford School District is currently investigating the incident and has vowed to take corrective measures to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. The district has already taken steps towards improving its safety policies, including hiring additional security personnel and conducting more thorough mental health screenings for potential threats. It remains to be seen if these measures will be enough to protect students and staff in the future.

What else can the government improve education policies?

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