Number of VTQs Decline Throughout Pandemic

The variety of technological as well as employment certifications (VTQs) awarded in Northern Ireland decreased by about 20% throughout the Covid pandemic.

This is according to a Department for the Economy (DfE) report.

There were just over 142,000 VTQs provided in 2020-21, down from virtually 178,000 in 2018-19.

Like GCSEs, AS and also A-Levels, lots of tests and assessments in VTQs were cancelled in 2020 and also 2021. This indicated that universities and schools determined their students’ grades in BTECs as well as various other VTQs.

The DfE report notes that the decline in VTQs is likely to have actually been affected by the pandemic, however it is impossible to say how much of the decline can be credited to this.

In spite of the overall decrease, some certifications saw an increase in the variety of awards. These included building and engineering VTQs, which climbed by 8.6% from 2019-20 to 2020-21.

The record highlights the value of vocational and also technical certifications, stating that they “play an essential duty in sustaining individuals to proceed right into employment and also drive up performance”.

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Join the UK ' s # 1 IPGCE at Derby It likewise states that the pandemic has “underscored the value of having a skilled workforce “and that the federal government is devoted to” increasing the variety of people with high-quality skills”

. The record includes a variety of suggestions for just how the federal government can sustain the VTQ industry. These consist of:.

– Providing targeted moneying to help organisations deliver qualifications from another location.

– Reviewing the credentials system to ensure it satisfies the needs of pupils and also companies.

– Encouraging more young people to take into consideration technological as well as employment pathways.


The complete record can be found on the DfE site.

The interruption the pandemic has actually caused to universities, colleges and institutions are likely to have a long-lasting influence on the awarding of VTQs. The DfE record notes that this will certainly require to be checked in the coming years.

The CCEA, The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations as well as Assessment, will remain to deal with the DfE to support the distribution of high-grade vocational and also technical credentials in Northern Ireland.

Additionally, the division will certainly remain to provide targeted financing to aid organisations deliver certifications remotely. This will certainly make sure that young people can access the high-quality vocational and also technical education they need to advance into work.

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