Northern Cyprus unis searching for int’l students

Northern Cyprus unis searching for int’l students

Despite the controversial status of recognition of their degrees in some countries, universities in the breakaway region of Northern Cyprus are intensifying recruitment of foreign students, targeting Asia and Africa as source markets.

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Most of the nationalities do not need a visa to enter the territory

The universities in the country also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are intensifying their campaigns for students promising internationally recognised degrees, low tuition and accommodation fees, as some of the reasons why learners from developing countries should pick it as a study destination.

One of the universities, Cyprus International University is promising a “peaceful environment” and a simple application visa process in promotional messages by its agents targeted at the two continents.

The university is also promising the possibility of scholarships to international students, noting that its degree programs are offered in English, priding itself of hosting no fewer than 20,000 international students.

In promotional materials shared by its agents, the university is also citing “progression agreements” with UK universities of Wolverhampton and Sunderland, as well as “dual degree” programs with the European University Business School, the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Paris School of Business, as more reasons why internationals should enrol.

“Tuition fee is around €2,900 per year for undergraduates. Accommodation can vary from €100 to €150 monthly and €1,200 annually. Food depends on the student but it’s around €80 a month and all universities are globally recognised,” Muhammad Faheem, one of the agents for the institutions told The PIE News.

On the other hand, the university charges around €900 for postgraduate programs and offers almost all major courses, said Faheem, who is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

“All students need once they have met criteria for admission is to pay an initial deposit of around €950 to secure their place and get a Final Acceptance letter which is needed for traveling purposes,” he added.

Most nationalities do not need a visa to enter the territory (apart from those from Syria, Nigeria and Armenia), and can travel with the Final Acceptance letter from university, he explained, adding that interested students however needed to check the requirements with relevant authorities in their countries.

Despite the disputed status of the territory and its lack of international recognition by many countries, education seems to be a major attraction, and according to its foreign affairs ministry some 81,000 international students were studying in the region in 2015.

However, some source countries such as Nigeria have had problems with the country, with calls to boycott the destination over alleged mysterious killing of students from Africa’s most academically mobile country.

Authorities in Nigeria have warned of “unscrupulous” agents, and NGOs have also previously cautioned that Nigerian women are being lured to Northern Cyprus by human traffickers promising them university places and work opportunities.

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