More Care Leavers End Up in Jain

Unfortunately, the truth is that far too many care leavers end up in prison, with statistics showing that care leavers are three times more likely to be jailed than those who have not been in care. Despite this statistic, much work is being done to support young people leaving the care system and help them transition into independent living. Some specialist charities, such as Nacro and The Care Leavers Association, offer advice and guidance on housing, employment and access to health services. Local authorities now also provide dedicated teams of social workers to provide ongoing support and help take the pressure off former care leavers. By providing these services, it is hoped that fewer young people will find themselves in prison after leaving the care system.

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The reality is that care leavers, who have often faced a challenging past, need support to help them transition into adulthood. Support in areas such as housing, employment and health can help young people overcome the challenges of leaving care and reduce the risk of ending up in prison. With the right kind of help and guidance, these young adults can build positive futures away from crime.

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Investing in services like those mentioned above makes it possible to provide effective support for care leavers before they become involved in criminal activity. This kind of preventative action may not be glamorous or newsworthy. Still, it is much more cost-effective than dealing with an individual’s involvement with a crime once it has already happened. Investing in the future of care leavers can reduce the risk of them ending up in prison and help them build better lives for themselves.

To summarise, while it is true that a disproportionate number of care leavers end up in prison, this doesn’t have to be the case. With effective support services and preventative measures, it is possible to reduce these statistics and ensure that care leavers have the opportunities to build positive futures away from crime. That being said, more needs to be done by local authorities and charities alike to provide adequate support for those leaving the care system. We started investing in their potential instead of their criminal activity.

How can the government improve the care system?

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