Maths Becomes Heavily Invested in Education

The cult of maths has been a pervasive influence in our schools for some time, and now it seems that the UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has fallen under its spell. In his plans to get Britain out of recession, he is proposing to invest heavily in mathematics-based qualifications such as A-levels, GCSEs and apprenticeships. But this focus on mathematical qualifications fails to recognise the importance of other subjects such as English literature and history.

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Not forgetting the importance of critical thinking skills, which are developed through humanities-based learning. By narrowing down educational opportunities to a single subject matter, we risk failing our students and future generations by neglecting the wider body of knowledge they need to thrive in society.


In addition, the cult of maths has been known to create a culture of fear in which students feel pressured to conform to what is expected and often sacrifice their own creativity and unique perspective. This can lead to educational burnout as well as a lack of interest in topics such as history or philosophy.

It is clear that Rishi Sunak’s focus on maths-based qualifications fails to take into account the need for a more diverse range of knowledge than just maths. We must ensure that all subjects are given equal value if we are to create an inclusive education system that allows everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What do you think of the range of taught maths?

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