Longest Days Lost to Industrial Action for 30 Years

The number of days lost to industrial action in the UK is at a 30-year high as workers struggle with rising costs and falling wages. This trend is likely to continue as inflation continues to outpace wage growth. The Office for National Statistics reported that 321,000 working days were lost due to strike action in 2017, compared with just 8,000 in 2016 – the highest level since 1989.

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This spike in industrial action reflects the ongoing issue of decreasing real wages for British workers. Inflation has risen by 3% over the past year, while wages have only increased by 2%. As a result, many workers feel the pinch as their pay fails to keep pace with rising living costs.

Unions have been campaigning for higher wages to reflect the rising cost of living, with some workers taking industrial action to pressure employers into paying better salaries. This will likely cause further disruption in 2018 as more workers become discontent with their pay packets and are forced to take matters into their own hands.

As the UK economy continues to struggle with Brexit uncertainty, there is a risk that more workers will be forced into industrial action as they fight for better pay. If this trend continues, it could lead to significant economic disruption across the country as businesses suffer from lost productivity and output.

Therefore, employers and employees must work together to ensure fairness on both sides; otherwise, the UK could face an extended period of economic turmoil.

Clearly, the UK needs to take action to ensure that all workers are adequately compensated for their labour. The current trend of rising inflation and decreasing wages cannot continue indefinitely, and employers and employees must work together to ensure a fair deal for everyone involved. Only by taking action now can we prevent future disruption caused by industrial activity.

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