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Your comprehensive coverage of the dying of Ruth Perry (“Strain from Ofsted inspections connected in coroner reports to 10 teacher deaths”, News) raises many concerns.

How are Ofsted inspectors chosen for this quite exacting occupation? What is their current practical experience of educational facilities? What is their instruction? How is the excellent of their perform assessed? Most importantly, what proof is there that Ofsted inspections are additional helpful in raising college specifications than the inspections that had been earlier carried out by nearby instruction authority groups?

LEA teams understood the educational facilities intimately, as a consequence of continual interaction by pastoral assistance, classroom observations, the identification and sharing of very best practice and in-support training. They realized the catchment regions of each and every college and ended up knowledgeable of their certain troubles. After an inspection, LEA inspectors and advisers would go on to perform with the team and target their notice on aspects recognized as needing improvement.

There was a potent perception that teachers and inspectors experienced a frequent intent, to give all the children with the most stimulating and supportive surroundings for studying that they could. In their different roles, they worked collectively to reach this goal: inspectors had been the teachers’ important pal. A far cry, it appears to be, from the Ofsted routine that appears to generate “a society of absolute fear”.
David Curtis
Solihull, West Midlands

My typically buoyant, extrovert brother-in-law, a extremely skilled key instructor, experienced a nervous breakdown as a consequence of a detrimental Ofsted report.

My dad was a secondary faculty trainer and remembers instructional advisers who would lend aid to, rather than acquire down, teachers. It is time to discover from the tragedies in your report and reform the way we measure “good” educational institutions and believe meticulously and obviously about what will make a wealthy education – which ought to be far more than just a score.
Name and tackle equipped

Refugees merit compassion

Your report that the government’s system to halt the Channel crossings would see up to 45,000 youngsters barred from refugee status in the British isles should really give us all pause for imagined (Information, 19 March).

As the heads of two British organisations that have chronicled the lives and represented the passions of Jewish refugees from Nazism, we are progressively anxious about the effects of the proposed unlawful migration bill and the discourse and language bordering its formulation.

Your report particulars attempts to bolster the government’s potential to overlook our international obligations in the direction of refugees. If passed, the laws could contravene the Refugee Conference that was made after the chaos that adopted the Holocaust, in which thousands and thousands of men and women were being murdered, rendered stateless and displaced. If “never again” is to develop into truth alternatively than a refrain, we ought to clearly show management to open our doorways to carry these at chance out of harm’s way. There is some precedent in Britain for accomplishing so. The Kindertransport gave 10,000 primarily Jewish young children refuge, but why not their dad and mom and siblings? Any evaluation of refugee plan of the 1930s need to conclude that more life could have been saved.

The contributions of these who arrived is well documented, but who else may well similarly have enhanced the cultural and scientific lifestyle of this place? Imbued with survivors’ accounts, we are sensitised to the plight of individuals fleeing oppression, no matter if by way of tyranny or war. We urge this and all governments to display compassion and give protected harbour to individuals in threat.
Dr Toby Simpson, director of the Wiener Holocaust Library and Michael Newman OBE, chief government of the Association of Jewish Refugees

Reforming the Achieved

The Metropolitan law enforcement as a purposeful public serving human body is evidently not working and wants to be broken up (“A dysfunctional, disgraced force in require of reform”, Editorial). The excellent dread, and likelihood, is that Louise Casey’s report will gather dust on the shelf along with the other reviews that have highlighted the repeated failings of the Met.

Political leaders need to also take duty for the repeated failures and the tradition pointed out in the report. It is inside their energy to modify the management, but they have unsuccessful to do so and they ought to also be held accountable for the Met’s recurring failures.

We should not fail to remember that within the police there are plenty of regulation-abiding persons who devote their life to making certain we are secure and who do the job within just a quite tense environment. If Mark Rowley is the proper human being to resolve the Achieved our political leaders have to enable him time and give him the resources to realize this mammoth endeavor.

Stuart Finegan
Lewes, East Sussex

PR is critical to Starmer’s hopes

Will Hutton expressed the hopes of all of us who want for a improved modern society and see it as sensible because of Britain’s broad, non-sectarian progressive historical past (“Ignore the detractors – Keir Starmer is a radical who can renovate the country”, Remark).

If Starmer needs to be the progressive primary minister Hutton thinks he can be, if he desires to prevent Britain’s extended-time period slow decrease, he should really not only be making the scenario for reform louder and clearer, but also talking about coalition and proportional illustration with the Greens and SNP. Then we’d see what a real, non-sectarian, broad-centered progressive alliance could do. With cross-get together assist and by drawing on Britain’s progressive background it could be unstoppable, transformational and sturdy.
Brian Fish

An educational musical

I completely agree with David Benedict (“The finest musicals are the equal of terrific plays, so why the snobbery?” Comment) Last week, I was at the Old Vic to enjoy Sylvia, the musical about Emmeline Pankhurst’s daughter.

It was amazing and educational. The mainly young audience, such as various college teams, lapped it up. The functions depicted on stage would probably have been more meaningful than hours of reading historical past publications or without a doubt a “straight” perform. The standing ovation claimed it all. There is area for all genres of leisure, David Hare.
Catherine Roome
Staplehurst, Kent

A better kettle

Rowan Moore describes John C Taylor as the “inventor of the gadget that turns off kettles when the h2o within them boils” (Comment). All present day computerized kettles use Taylor’s switch, but he was not the initially human being to invent these types of a device. That honour goes to my father, William Russell, who released it into the very first Russell Hobbs automated kettle in 1955.

Taylor’s software of snap-action thermostats to automated kettles dated from the late 1960s when he was able to make improvements to the change and bypass the Russell Hobbs patent.
Dr Nicholas Russell
Bathtub, Somerset

A teatime take care of

A subscriber for extra than 20 many years, I have just found out the treasure concealed in Comments & Assessment Jonathan Bouquet’s polite, slim invitation, “May I have a phrase?”

Now, many thanks to my Guardian app, I can read through far more than 50 archived content: from sleepwalking to Transportation for London, neologisms to regional vocabularies. I shall get down my OED and Fowler’s, then make a pot of peppermint tea to support my digestion of this new observed supply of captious rapture.
Dr Terence Aspray
Newcastle upon Tyne

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