Lack of Social Mobility Provoked Students to Steal

Professor Blythe wants Tory leaders to address how they will tackle social mobility in their party.


For children living in “deep poverty,” their needs are too intense to be met by the school, and they must steal food and tissues.


The University of Exeter’s Lee Elliott Major stated that children came to school hungry, tired, and anxious. Likewise, older pupils are missing out on their schooling due to the need to work because of the economic crisis.


The cost of living crisis is unprecedented. Candidates in the Conservative party leadership race should plan to tackle disadvantages and reduce learning loss caused by Covid.


He also demands that policy development be continued, so schools and universities are not affected by political instability. The threat posed by Covid is worse than before, and it’s important to act now.


It’s disappointing that candidates for the new Conservative party leader have not talked about levelling up, social mobility, and improving opportunities as much as they should. Elliot Major, the chief executive of the Sutton Trust educational charity before being appointed as the first professor of social mobility, said this.


Teachers see children coming to school hungry, tired and anxious. To get to school, some pupils steal basic items like tissues; many miss out on the sixth form because they’ve started working.


social mobility

The increased 18-year population will lead to more competition for a limited number of university spots.


There has not been much spent on repairing the damage of the pandemic, which means students aren’t getting an adequate education.


He wants double the funding for a program that benefits schools that benefit students from low-income backgrounds. More students will be able to qualify for the program.


He added that Ofsted inspections and teacher training should address disadvantages and inequality.


Research showed that younger students were severely affected by the pandemic and lost three to four months’ worth of learning.


There have been warnings that the pandemic will lead to a 4-12% decline in income mobility. Elliot Major is campaigning for a national university-led tutoring service to help pupils catch up on their lost learning.


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