KCL Hosts International Education Ministers

On Friday, King’s College London welcomed the Australian Minister for Education, Dan Tehan and UK Minister of State for Universities Michelle Donelan, to discuss ways further to strengthen higher education ties between the two countries. The meeting was part of an ongoing dialogue which has seen several initiatives established in recent years, including research partnerships and student exchange programmes.

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The ministers discussed various topics, including their respective countries’ responses to the pandemic. They highlighted the importance of increasing collaboration in research and teaching between higher education institutions in Australia and the UK. They also discussed how both countries could work together to create more opportunities for students from each country to study at the other’s universities.

Tehan said: “Australia values its strong relationship with the UK, which includes our shared commitment to providing quality education outcomes for young people across both nations.”

Meanwhile, Donelan noted that she was “delighted” to welcome Tehan to King’s College London and said: “We must do everything possible to ensure students benefit fully from an enhanced collaboration between our two countries.”

The ministers agreed to further strengthen the ongoing partnership between Australia and the UK in higher education, emphasising increasing student exchange opportunities and supporting research collaboration. They also discussed plans for a virtual summit to be held later this year, which will bring together universities from both countries to discuss how best to collaborate.

King’s College London said it was “delighted” to host Tehan and Donelan during their visit and is “committed to working closely with both governments on initiatives that support academic excellence and innovation in higher education across Australia and the UK.” The college added that it looks forward to building upon its already strong relationships with partners in Australia and universities across the UK.

The visit was part of a series of meetings planned for this year between higher education institutions from both countries, aimed at increasing collaboration and building partnerships between Australian and UK universities. It is hoped that these initiatives will increase students’ opportunities to study abroad, a greater exchange of knowledge and ideas, and closer ties between the two nations’ higher education systems.

In addition to the meeting at King’s College London, Tehan and Donelan made visits during their trip to several other leading universities in the UK, including Oxford University, Cambridge University and UCL. They also held discussions with representatives from Universities Scotland about ways to collaborate.

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