Indigenous Languages Prohibited in Nigeria

Nigeria has a long history of discriminating against students who speak their indigenous languages in school. The Nigerian government has introduced various policies and laws over the years that actively discourage native language use in its educational institutions. This is a cause for concern, as it limits children’s ability to communicate effectively within their communities and stifles their development of cultural literacy.

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Unfortunately, many teachers still resort to punishing students who are caught speaking their native tongues while in class. These punishments range from verbal admonishing to physical flogging. This form of corporal punishment can be extremely damaging to young minds and even lead to psychological trauma. It also creates an atmosphere of fear among students, making them reluctant to express themselves freely or ask questions if they don’t understand the material being taught in English.

The Nigerian government needs to take steps to address this issue and ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn their native languages without fear of retribution. This could include providing bilingual education programs for students, developing curricula that incorporate traditional language instruction, or implementing policies that encourage and reward the use of indigenous languages in school. Until such efforts are made, many Nigerian students will continue to be silenced by an unfair system.

Furthermore, teachers must receive proper training on managing a classroom with multiple native language speakers to better differentiate between regular chatter and disruptive behaviour. Doing so would benefit teachers and students by creating an atmosphere of understanding and respect in the learning environment. Ultimately, it is essential that Nigerian students feel safe and supported while in school so they can reach their full academic potential. By taking the necessary steps to protect native language use, the government can ensure a brighter future for Nigerian children.

What do you think of the government’s efforts?

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