Importance of CPD and ongoing training

Learning is a lifelong process that helps individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s workplace. Learn Importance of CPD and ongoing training from here.

Some employers take a dynamic approach with their employees by providing learning opportunities both on-the-job and continuing education courses which can be taken online or at local colleges around town. These programs help prepare workers ahead of new technology so they will still have relevance when it comes time for career transformations.

There is a huge shortage of time for teachers to focus on their professional development. The CPD audits that we conduct in schools often reveal, during interviews with school staff members, how difficult it would be, if not impossible, given the current climate within our education system where they have little or no free periods throughout each week that can be dedicated to project-based learning strategies such as tutoring students individualized plans depending upon their needs ( targets ). This shouldn’t become an added burden but rather safeguarded hours to which teachers are entitled – one which will allow them to engage in self-schooling purposefully!

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the SLT recognizes that each teacher has different needs and abilities. This means they should be tailored to match your unique teaching style so you can best support students’ learning while also growing as an educator at any level. 

Importance of CPD and ongoing training

The SLT believes that every staff member will benefit from having their specific needs considered to feel confident delivering training sessions. Her message is more about how CPD Leads need to consider what each student brings when planning workshops, rather than following a class-based approach like some other institutions may do where everyone gets equal attention at once (ease). In classrooms where children are actively contributing participants rather than just receiving information. 


The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Educators need to be able not only to teach the curriculum but also to keep up with new technological advances, teaching strategies and more so they can help their students succeed now that we’re living through extraordinary times.”


Structured CPD can be proactive and include interactive workshops, training courses or conferences. It’s typically based on participation-based learning which is why it often involves going to events like this one. Effective CPD redirects students towards self-directed study for their careers after they complete structure so there isn’t just printed material available anymore

Coaching is an effective tool for teachers and leaders in the early career phase. It can help them identify personal growth opportunities, and develop new skills needed to succeed as professionals or lead more effectively during tough situations without burnout. 

A coach helps you reflect on your strengths while also providing feedback that leads towards professional improvement  – this process creates sustainable change because it’s interactive!


Schools are using more “informal” learning opportunities, like CPD forums and training sessions. They’re also finding ways to share leadership roles within their organization so that all staff can contribute towards building a strong foundation for future success.


The idea behind this is two-fold: firstly by providing an opportunity where anyone who wants it may be trained as long as they have the time; secondly giving recognition on how valuable some people’s skills might actually seem when recognized among other things


In order to ensure that their staff have the most up-to-date skills in professional development, schools are turning towards informal and formal learning opportunities. By harnessing this power of “informal” activities they can distribute leadership from CPD courses while developing internal expertise which will be shared effectively among colleagues within your organization or school as a whole (depending on budget considerations). With budgets being more stretched than ever before it makes sense for educators who want increased resources to provide these types of training sessions so everyone remains competitively positioned against any potential threats

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