I’m a teen who made use of to devote several hours a day scrolling. Here’s how I curbed my social media habit.


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As a member of Gen Z, I was introduced to technological innovation at a young age. It begun out innocent: looking at “Kim Possible” reruns on YouTube and building Minecraft servers with my twin brother. But as my interests altered, so did the material I consumed. 

I noticed teenager life-style influencers amass thousands and thousands of followers on YouTube just for sharing the mundane information of their day-to-day life. I obsessively watched them do makeup in their substantial houses and type fashionable outfits that I could by no means find the money for. I started to dislike the just one-bed room apartment I lived in, with its thrift retail store household furniture and occasional mouse sighting. The message, to me, was distinct: I would hardly ever be really worth watching. 

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Kate Romalewski

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This society of comparison only intensified when I received my initial phone at age 10 and downloaded Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. I invested several hours obtaining the perfect photographs to publish on Instagram, examining selfies of my prepubescent experience for imperfections. Curating the ideal profile was anything to me. In fact, I was a ball of panic. I bear in mind wanting in the mirror and wishing I was someone else. 

Right after 5 years of major social media use, I deleted Instagram from my cellphone for the initially time in January 2021. The clean begin lasted for all of 3 weeks, following which I broke down and logged again in from the internet. I deleted TikTok, far too, but would re-down load it intermittently and finish up scrolling for hrs. It was bewildering for me I hated social media and identified how dreadful it made me sense, but I could not put it down.    

This earlier summer time, I saw an advert for the Opal app, ironically although in one particular of the TikTok rabbit holes I had fallen down. It claimed to limit display time use, and I understood I wanted all the enable I could get. To set up an account, it demands you to enter the common amount of time you invest on screens per day. I approximated 3-4 several hours, and Opal educated me that meant I was on monitor to devote 17 years of my lifestyle on a screen. 

As I had not long ago turned 17, I was shaken. I imagined myself on my deathbed, regretting everything I had skipped out on. In 17 yrs so much, I have skilled elation and sadness, highs and lows, and times that have formed me endlessly. What if I had shed out on my whole daily life simply because I was much too fast paced experiencing other people’s digital types? 

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that young ones ages 8-18 spend an regular of 7.5 hours on a monitor just about every working day. That doesn’t even issue in necessary technologies use, these kinds of as on the net research. I’ve scrolled for 5 minutes, 4 hours, even 12 hours at a time, and still can not remember a one matter I’ve gained from it. Even if I learned some thing new or saw everything attention-grabbing, it was drowned out by the sheer total of other random media I saw as I scrolled on.

I hated social media and identified how dreadful it built me sense, but I could not place it down.

If one thing continuously drains you, helps make you feel not superior ample, and is nearly constantly a resource of anxiety, why would you keep employing it? 

I experienced questioned myself this issue for a long time, but could by no means conjure a clear respond to. Perhaps it’s simply because when you convey to a particular person you have no social media, you’re promptly fulfilled with suspicious eyes and interrogating concerns. Perhaps it is simply because I didn’t know how to expend my free time without the need of it. Possibly it is the dopamine hit

I was worn out of the cycle: employing social media, hating myself following so considerably self-comparison, hating myself even more for employing the applications in the initial position, deleting social media applications, getting bored, and re-downloading the applications for the reason that I was guaranteed that this time would be unique. 

Just after deleting my social media again very last summer time, I employed Opal to limit all the non-critical applications on my telephone every working day of the week. Every single time I test to open 1 of them, the app reminds me that I established a time limit for a cause that normally makes me set the phone down. 

I try out to be additional aware now with how I use my time. On the subway, I no more time sit hunched about my cellphone. I simply appear about, learning the mosaic of faces strolling in and out of the auto. In my moments of free time, I’ve replaced screens with looking at, journaling, portray, or employing know-how in techniques that provide me joy, like chatting to mates or seeing comforting Tv shows, such as “New Girl” “Modern Family,” and “Vampire Diaries.”

Not that I have eschewed social media wholly. I still use Instagram the moment in a whilst to publish pictures I’ve taken. I sometimes view a TikTok video a pal has sent my way. But these apps no longer manage me. When I really feel myself switching from relaxed use to obsessive practices, I merely delete them from my cellphone. I know now that I am in management of my have lifestyle, and it is my accountability to pick pastimes that are successful, constructive, or equally. 

My technology receives a ton of grief about our abnormal know-how use, and I do not assume all of it is justified. We ended up born into a society that relies on technological know-how to thrive. On the internet lifetime is inextricably intertwined with in-individual lifestyle: A lot of jobs are remote, long-distance relationships are taken care of above smartphones, and look for engines have replaced encyclopedias. It is unfair to blame us for getting to be victims of a society that was crafted close to us. That remaining mentioned, absolutely everyone has the power to cease social media from negatively affecting them. 

Speak to the man or woman sitting next to you alternatively of scrolling via photographs of your pal from center school’s most the latest family vacation. Obtain your new preferred guide to examine prior to bed alternatively of observing meaningless videos. Minutes change into several hours, hrs to days, days to decades. 

I really don’t want to invest 17 yrs of my daily life on screens, and now, I know that I really don’t have to.

Kate Romalewski is a senior at a New York City public superior college. In her absolutely free time, she loves to read, journal, and devote time with beloved ones. She is the copy editor of her school’s newspaper, the 411 Press, and is the co-president of the school’s Sexual Assault Avoidance Board.


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