Hunt & Partners Calls in Blairite Figures

The law firm of Hunt & Partners has announced the appointment of several prominent “Blairite” political figures to aid in its efforts to reform the public sector. The move comes as part of a larger effort by Hunt & Partners to strengthen its capabilities for public sector reform and provide more comprehensive advice and support for clients.

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The new team includes Tony Blair’s former adviser, Alastair Campbell, former Health Secretary Alan Milburn, and Lord Peter Mandelson. All three are well-known Blairites who have decades of experience working in politics and care deeply about how the public sector is run. They will be advising Hunt & Partners on important issues such as bureaucracy reduction, strategic oversight, cost control, efficiency improvement, modernising services, and driving digital transformation.

The appointments come after Hunt & Partners has developed a reputation for providing excellent legal advice on public sector reform. With the assistance of Blairite heavyweights, they are confident they will be able to accelerate their progress even further. By leveraging the valuable insights and experience these political leaders provide, Hunt & Partners can better tailor their services to their client’s needs to help them achieve their desired outcomes.


In a statement released by Hunt & Partner’s Managing Director, they noted: “We are extremely proud to be working with such respected figures from within the political sphere as part of our commitment to improving public service delivery. It is an opportunity for us to benefit from their expertise and demonstrate our dedication to helping create a better public sector.”

The appointments are part of Hunt & Partners’ broader strategy to continue diversifying and strengthening its advisory capabilities in the public sector. With these powerful figures on their side, they are confident that they will be able to make lasting improvements to how public services are administered. This could have an immensely positive impact on citizens of all backgrounds across the UK. Hunt & Partners intends to make a real difference in public service delivery and reform. Having Blairite heavyweights on board only contributes further to their impressive efforts.

The public sector is an important part of the UK’s economy and needs to be dealt with thoughtfully and with the right guidance. Hunt & Partners are dedicated to ensuring this happens, and the inclusion of Blairite heavyweights in their team is a testament to their commitment. With the help of these political figures, Hunt & Partners can continue to offer their clients the best possible advice on improving public services. They are determined to make a difference and create positive change across the country. By leveraging the valuable insights and experience these political leaders provide, Hunt & Partners can better tailor their services to their client’s needs to help them achieve their desired outcomes. It is an exciting time for public sector reform, and Hunt & Partners are leading the charge with their impressive team of Blairite heavyweights.

The added expertise provided by these political leaders is expected to be invaluable in helping to guide public sector reform in the right direction. With their help, Hunt & Partners can ensure that the advice they offer is informed by decades of experience and insight from those who have been at the heart of politics. This could be a game changer for clients as it gives them access to some of the best minds within both business and politics regarding public service delivery.

What do you think about Hunt & Partners’ decision to bring Blairite heavyweights? Could it be an important step forward for public sector reform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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