Female Authors Studied by 2% of Pupils

A recent study has found that books by female authors are being studied by only 2% of GCSE pupils in the UK. The research, conducted by the Women’s Prize for Fiction, discovered that while subjects such as English Literature and Language have seen significantly greater proportions of books by female authors on their syllabuses, there is still a long way to go before parity is achieved.

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The lack of gender representation in the curriculum emphasises an ongoing problem within the education system; girls tend not to be taught about influential women writers until much later in their educational journey. This means they are missing out on pivotal works from female authors who may help them better understand literature written by both men and women.

At a time when we are witnesssing an increasing number of female authors being published and celebrated, it is concerning that girls are not receiving the same access to their stories and works as boys.

To ensure that future generations have equal access to literature from male and female writers, there must be greater efforts to include books by female authors on GCSE syllabuses. This could involve introducing new texts that focus on women’s experiences or allowing students to study works from a wider range of authors, such as those from diverse backgrounds.

Ultimately, providing young people with more opportunities to read and engage with books by female authors can help create a more inclusive education system for all pupils. It will also enable them to understand the range of literature better and learn more about female authors who have made major contributions to the literary world.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is committed to increasing awareness of books by female authors through research such as this and the annual award, which recognises women’s writing excellence worldwide. Hopefully, this will help create a better future for all students regarding their access to literature.

What do you think of these statistics?

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