Families Struggle Due to No More Free Meals For the Summer

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The education union has said that more families are struggling because of the rising prices.


Poorer families are facing extremely difficult circumstances this summer due to limited free school meals and the worsening cost of living crisis.


Schools broke up for the summer holidays this week, so their programs for the most disadvantaged children are now over.


The government has resisted calls to provide free school meals over the break, a source of worry for low-income families as energy and food prices continue to rise.


Many people are worried about Christmas and don’t know if they will be able to afford it, said a representative.


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation called for an end to austerity, citing research that the summer holidays and school runs create financial difficulties for low-income families.


Inflation is rising, and as wages have not been able to keep up, families cannot afford the necessary basics such as food.


Families now face a difficult decision when new policies are introduced, such as tariffs and increased prices. They can starve, lose essential bills or take on debt from the bank.


It’s difficult for low-income families to provide an extra meal on holidays due to the expense.


Scot and Welsh have robust support for their children, yet the English don’t.

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England’s free school meal scheme provided vouchers during the first summer of Covid. They offered different activity clubs where children could get free food, but they only ran for a portion of the holiday period. Many parents can’t afford to travel to get their child’s food, so there are arguments that the government should provide vouchers as long-term solutions.


Ms Ogilvie stresses that the government has backed down from investing in reducing child poverty rates instead of focusing on employment for families.


The Association of School and College Leaders worries about England’s two-million children receiving free school lunches. There are 800,000 more in poverty that doesn’t qualify for the support.


The secretary general of the European Youth Forum, Michael Barton, said there is a high possibility that many children will miss out on good nutritional food during the summer because their families can’t afford the costs involved. Summer activity clubs are a great idea and are offered for four of the six weeks school is not in session.


The summer holidays can be difficult for some children who receive free or reduced-price meals during school. The government should reconsider this issue.


Increasingly, “just about managing” families are starting to experience a lower quality of life. They rely more on food banks and other public assistance programs to access food and other necessary items.


He concluded: “The government should do more to ensure that food provision is safeguarded during the summer holidays.”


The holiday program provides children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods nutritious food and activities over the city’s summer break, giving them a chance to benefit from a program similar to local clubs.


We have given more money to people who need it through the Household Support Fund. We have also given money for families’ food and utility bills.


What else can the government do the help out families experiencing this adversity? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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