Education Minister says Pay Offer is Fair

Education Minister John Swinney praised the pay offer to Scotland’s teachers, calling it “very fair.” The proposal was announced on Monday and included a 3% increase in basic salary and an additional one-off payment of up to £1,000. This is the first time since 2011 that teacher pay has increased in Scotland.

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Mr Swinney commented on the agreement: “The Scottish government values our dedicated teaching workforce greatly, and I am proud to have secured this fair pay deal for them”. He said that increasing salaries would ensure teachers’ wages keep pace with inflation and show national appreciation for their hard work.

The deal will come into effect in August 2018 and benefit around 52,000 teachers in Scotland’s schools. However, it has been criticised by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), which said that the pay offer was insufficient to attract and retain talent in teaching professions.

Mr Swinney responded to this criticism: “I understand why EIS may feel disappointed with the outcome, but we must remember that this is a significant increase in teacher’s pay”. He also expressed his hope that other education staff would receive a similar increase in salary.

Overall, Mr Swinney believes the pay offer is fair for all teachers and will ensure their wages remain competitive. This announcement is welcome news for Scotland’s teaching community, which have suffered from years of wage stagnation. This new agreement will motivate teachers and ensure they are adequately rewarded for their work.

What do you think? Is the Pay offer fair in the current setting?

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