Disputed Between Royal mail and Union Worsen

The long-running dispute between Royal Mail and its workers’ union, the Communication Workers Union (CWU), has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks. Both sides have traded accusations over the alleged breakdown of talks aimed at resolving the dispute, with CWU accusing Royal Mail of acting in bad faith and Royal Mail accusing CWU of deliberately stalling negotiations.

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CWU has called for an end to what it calls “fire-and-forget” management practices, which it says have been used against workers for too long. It also wants a pay rise for workers that is substantially higher than Royal Mail’s 2% offer. Meanwhile, Royal Mail insists that its offer remains fair and reasonable given current economic conditions, and that it cannot afford a higher increase without damaging its finances.

The dispute has become increasingly bitter in recent weeks, with CWU balloting its members for potential strike action. While Royal Mail says it is still open to talks, CWU believes the company is not interested in compromise and has launched an advertising campaign urging people to sign a petition demanding Royal Mail settle the dispute quickly.


With both sides showing no signs of backing down, it remains unclear how this dispute will be resolved. With tensions rising and strike action imminent, all eyes are now on Royal Mail and CWU as they try to find common ground. Until then, workers remain uncertain about their future and postal services throughout the country are at risk of disruption. The only hope is that both sides arrive at a solution that is fair to workers and sustainable for Royal Mail in the long run

The outcome of this dispute could have far-reaching implications, not only for postal services but also for the entire UK economy. It remains to be seen whether an agreement between Royal Mail and CWU can be reached – or if further disruption is on the horizon.

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