DfE Accounces Delays in Reimbursement

Recent figures released by the Department for Education (DfE) have revealed that it is taking too long for schools to be reimbursed for cost-cutting measures put into place.

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The government’s Cost Reduction Programme (CRP) was set up in 2012 to help schools make money-saving changes, such as energy efficiency improvements and bulk procurement discounts. The CRP should reimburse eligible schools within six months of sending in their claim, but recent data shows that this is only sometimes happening.

The DfE has blamed the delays on several factors, including increased demand from schools, budget restraints and staff shortages. However, some education experts are concerned about the effect these delays have on already cash-strapped schools and are calling for the DfE to do more to reduce the waiting times.

The DfE has acknowledged reimbursement claims delays but insists they are working hard to improve the process. They have also announced a review into how they can better support cost-cutting measures in schools, as well as introducing new initiatives such as an online portal which should speed up payments.


Hopefully, these changes will help alleviate some of the problems faced by schools struggling with tight budgets and long waiting times for reimbursements. In the meantime, schools must continue to take advantage of money-saving opportunities where possible and keep pushing for timely repayment from the DfE.

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