Derby QTS Application Materials

This guide is designed to aid aspiring teachers in understanding and preparing for the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Assessment Only pathway at Derby. The AO route is best for experienced but unqualified teachers, teaching assistants, and graduates with experience to gain Qualified Teacher Status.

Step 1 

Collect together your documents to make the initial application to get your information registered with Derby:

  • Degree certificate (translated if not in English) and official transcripts – (Translations must be done with an official stamp) LINK 
  • Photographic ID documentation (passport or driver’s license) – LINK

  • A detailed personal statement showing evidence of your teaching experience across two settings and for a minimum of 2 years that has led you to apply for the Assessment Only route  LINK

  • A CV detailing previous roles in schools, including dates, key stages, and key contact information (Experience must be within the last five years) LINK
  • A recommendation letter from your current school saying you are ready to start QTS (can be a digital signature) and you have their support LINK


Step 2

Once you have registered with Derby, you can collate the remaining documents to prepare to start the QTS process. These documents can be sent to [email protected]

Document evidence to send as scanned documents after you have registered


Degree certificate (translated if not in English) and official transcripts – (Translations must be done with an official stamp)


GCSE certificates in English and maths for secondary (C/4 grade and above)


GCSE certificates in English, maths, and science for primary (C/4 grade and above)


ENIC Comparability report Degree and HS qualifications if you are educated outside of the UK (get the transcripts/certs translated )

Derby does this

A detailed personal statement showing evidence of your teaching experience across two settings and for a minimum of 2 years that has led you to apply for the Assessment Only route (We can review it once you have a first draft)


A CV detailing previous roles in schools, including dates, key stages, and key contact information (Experience from the last 5 years is critical)


References from your current school and previous school showing dates worked and role – headed paper and signed with a wet signature not digital. These need to confirm there have been no safeguarding issues and can give a Statement of Good Conduct


A statement showing your sponsoring school mentor’s experience with supporting training or early career teachers (Template)


A completed Assessment Against the Teachers’ Standards (AATS) which must be signed and agreed upon by your assessor and mentor (Template)

Take a look through this guide on how to fill these forms out (be clear with the examples and how they meet the criteria) LINK


Completion of Teachers’ Standards supporting example sheets to show supporting examples of how you are meeting the Teachers’ Standards  (Template)


Successful completion of BKSB tests in English and Maths to evidence your Fundamental English and maths skills (Guide)


Completion of a Subject Knowledge Audit for your key stage / subject (Template)


Statement of Good Conduct for each country you have been resident in and worked as a teacher (can be a paragraph in the reference letters) or can be something separate if required. Here is the advice


Obtaining a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions (Local Police Check) is done in your current country (does not need notarisation)


IELTS score of 7 (with all areas at a minimum of 6.5 or above) – Very rare to have to do this


Photographic ID documentation – passport or driver’s license (if not done already)


Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility for the Assessment Only route includes:

– A degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification.
– GCSE grade C / 4 or above in English and Mathematics. Those intending to teach in primary school also need GCSE grade C / 4 or above in a science subject.
– At least two years of full-time teaching experience in two or more schools, from early years to high school and other appropriate educational settings.
– The ability to meet all the Teachers’ Standards without further training.

The Application Process

Here are the steps to complete the application:

1. Gather your Evidence: You must compile evidence that you meet the Teachers’ Standards. This evidence can come from your teaching practice and must cover all age ranges and subjects you are trained to teach.

2. Complete your Application: You must fill in the application form from the Derby. This includes your details, qualifications, teaching experience, and a personal statement explaining why you’re applying for the Assessment Only route.

3. Reference: You must have a reference from your current and previous school. They should comment on your teaching abilities and why they believe you meet the Teachers’ Standards.

4. Police Check in your country of work: All teachers need a Police check. You can check the advice on the UK government website here

5. Submit your Application: After you’ve completed the application and gathered all your supporting documentation, you need to submit your application to the education authority in Derby.

 What Happens After You Apply?

Your application will be reviewed, and if you meet all the eligibility requirements, you will be invited to an assessment period, typically 12 weeks. The assessment includes a review of your evidence, observations of your teaching, and discussions with you and your colleagues.

Successful candidates will be awarded QTS and can then apply for teaching positions as a qualified teachers.

 Additional Resources

For further help, consult the following:
– The Department for Education’s ‘Get into Teaching’ website has resources and information about the Assessment Only route.
– The Teachers’ Standards document outlines all teachers’ expectations.


Gaining QTS via the Assessment Only route is a challenging but rewarding journey. Remember to gather all your evidence and take time on your application. With proper preparation and hard work, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a qualified teacher at Derby. Good luck!

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