Campaign helps 2 Million Students Find Jobs

As part of Universities UK’s Getting Results campaign, which promotes the role of universities in the economic and social recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, a co-ordinated programme of political, media and digital activity will focus on the important difference universities can make to the UK Government’s levelling up agenda through their teaching, research, innovation and engagement with business and communities.


Universities across England have pledged to create thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships as part of the Government’s levelling agenda. University leaders have made the commitments in response to a call from the Prime Minister for businesses and organisations to do their bit to support jobs and growth in areas across the country that have been left behind.


The new jobs and apprenticeships will be created in various disciplines, including engineering, construction, healthcare, digital technology and the creative industries. They will help to boost local economies and provide opportunities for people of all ages to get on in life.


Universities UK’s Getting Results campaign highlights the vital role that universities play in levelling the country. Universities make a difference in people’s lives across the UK through their teaching, research, innovation and engagement with businesses and communities.


There are now over 2 million students from disadvantaged backgrounds studying at university, thanks partly to the introduction of tuition fees and loans. Universities are also collaborating with businesses to create jobs and drive economic growth in communities across the country.


So far, over 100 universities have signed up for the campaign and are sharing their stories of how they are making a difference in their local communities. You can find out more about the campaign and see some of the stories here


According to a research report published by Universities UK, universities in England generate £95 billion for the economy each year and support almost one million jobs. The data also reveals that UK universities have given consultancy advice to businesses of all sizes worth more than £500 million and been part of regeneration programmes valued at almost £300 million.


The week of the #Getting Results activity, between 4 – 11 July, will include the launch in parliament of the Levelling Up Universities Coalition’s University Best Practice White Paper which outlines examples of levelling up in action and an All-Party Parliamentary University Group meeting will discuss how universities can make levelling up go faster and further.

Professor Steve West CBE, Chair of Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England, said:


“Universities are at the heart of levelling up –creating jobs, developing the skilled workforce that businesses need and supporting regeneration in towns and cities across the country.


“The Getting Results campaign showcases how universities are making a difference in their local communities and highlight the vital role they will play in helping to rebuild the economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.”

This suggests that the universities are having a positive impact on the English economy. Universities are creating jobs, which helps with the employment rate. They are also providing skilled workers for businesses and aiding in regeneration projects. The Getting Results campaign is promoting how universities are helping to level up the country. Professor Steve West CBE believes universities play a vital role in rebuilding the post-pandemic economy. Consequently, it can be concluded that universities are important for levelling up the country and should continue to receive support from the government.

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