BTec Ucas directs calculator: A-level matching of your degree 3 qualities discussed, and also what your outcomes suggest

BTec students will start obtaining their examination results today, with numerous waiting anxiously to see just how they did.

BTec nationals, likewise referred to as degree 3 certifications, offer expert, job-related knowing throughout a variety of fields and also, along with A-levels, are one of the most widely-recognised credentials for admission to higher education.

When is BTec results day?

Btec nationwide outcomes will be launched on Thursday 17 August, while outcomes day for BTec firsts, technicals, and also technology honors is Thursday 24 August.

Exactly how can I obtain my BTec outcomes?

You might have the ability to grab your cause individual from your college or university. They are usually readily available from 9am.

They might likewise be sent out to you in the article or by e-mail, or though ResultsPlus Direct.

It is constantly best to get in touch with your college or university to verify which approach it utilizes.

What is the grading system for BTecs?

BTecs are rated as complies with:

  • Difference * (D *)– equal in the Ucas toll to an A * in A-levels
  • Distinction (D)– equal to an A
  • Merit (M)– equal to a C
  • Pass (P)– equal to an E
  • Near pass (N)– this quality is readily available on many BTec nationals. It indicates that you might still have the ability to pass the total training course without having passed every specific unit

How are the qualities exercised?

It is done on a factors basis where students are given points for each unit they complete. Trainees will certainly have been taking systems throughout the training course. Once they have ended up all their systems, all the factors are combined and also the trainee is granted a last quality.

What are Ucas toll factors?

Most colleges and also various other college suppliers have a tendency to make deals based on specific grades being attained.

Nonetheless, some usage Ucas toll factors, with the admissions body approximating that around a 3rd of its training courses make use of these as an entrance demand.

Ucas factors basically convert your certifications right into a mathematical rating, enabling pupils better adaptability in just how they certify to examine their picked training course.

Beyond developing admissions standards, ball games are utilized by colleges to report information to federal government bodies.

Trainees researching BTec are offered one, 2 or 3 qualities, depending upon the dimension of their training course. For a certificate, expanded certificate and also foundation diploma you obtain one quality, for a diploma you obtain 2 and also for an extended diploma you obtain 3.

As an example, for a degree 3 BTec expanded certification, Ucas toll factors are granted as complies with:

  • Difference *– 56 Ucas factors (equal to A * in A-levels)
  • Distinction– 48 Ucas factors (equal to A in A-levels)
  • Merit– 32 Ucas factors (equal to C in A-levels)
  • Pass– 16 Ucas factors (equal to E in A-levels)

If you would love to see just how your training course’s qualities are converted right into Ucas factors, you can locate even more info here.

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