Bob Mortimer recalls UB40 T-shirt business mishap

Bob Mortimer recalls UB40 T-shirt business mishap

Bob Mortimer
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Mortimer said he came to study in Leicester in about 1982

The comedian and author Bob Mortimer has been sharing memories of his student days, when he and a friend devised plans for a T-shirt business that went wrong.

Mortimer was a law student at the University of Leicester in 1982.

He said he fondly remembered his time in the city but recalled being stuck with dozens of UB40 T-shirts after missing out on a chance to sell them.

He said he and his friend had lost track of time in the university bar.

‘Too late’

The comedian, known for his role in shows like Would I Lie To You and Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, said he had lived in a Victorian terraced house across the road from Victoria Park.

“I enjoyed my time at Leicester; it was nice,” he said.

While in the city he said there was a UB40 concert, which he and his friend saw as a possible business opportunity.

Speaking to IPGCE Radio Leicester, he said: “We had a great big cardboard box, I can see it now, of UB40 T-shirts.

“We were sat in the bar at the university and time must have just got ahead of us.

“Sadly, we arrived at the gig to sell them when they’d long gone.

“Everyone had gone – we were too late.

“My mate eventually, I think it took about three years, but he eventually did sell all the T-shirts.”

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