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Australia Has Taken Migrants For Granted

It\’s no secret that Australia has skills shortages in key industries. To address these shortages, the Australian government has announced that it will increase the number of permanent migrants it accepts annually by 35,000.


However, some skilled migrants say that Australia is taking them for granted. Economist Gabriela D\’Souza and skilled migrant Benine Muriithi speak with Jane Lee about how migrants view Australia as a destination.


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Muriithi says that she was attracted to Australia because of its strong economy and job opportunities. However, she says that she has found it difficult to find work in her field, despite having qualifications and experience.


D\’Souza says that many skilled migrants are in a similar situation to Muriithi. She says that Australia needs to do more to attract and retain the skilled migrants it needs.


Lee asks whether the increased number of permanent migrants will help address the skills shortages in Australia. D\’Souza and Muriithi say it is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to make Australia an attractive destination for skilled migrants.


According to D\’Souza, Australia needs to provide more support for skilled migrants, such as helping them to obtain work visas and find employment. Muriithi agrees, saying that the government must also do more to promote Australia as a welcoming and diverse place to live.


These migrants have skills that Australia needs, but they feel they are not valued or appreciated. If the government wants to attract and retain the best talent, it needs to do more to make Australia an attractive destination for skilled migrants.


What do you think Australia should do to attract and retain skilled migrants? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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