Assessment Literacy for Educators: Building Skills in Evaluation and Feedback in the IPGCE Curriculum


Assessment literacy is a crucial aspect of effective teaching and learning. The IPGCE program at the University of Derby places a strong emphasis on enhancing educators’ assessment literacy, enabling them to design effective assessments, provide constructive feedback, and ultimately improve their assessment practices. In this article, we explore the strategies and components within the IPGCE program that equip educators with assessment literacy skills.

Strategies for enhancing educators’ assessment literacy, including the ability to design effective assessments and provide constructive feedback

Assessment literacy involves the ability to design meaningful assessments that align with learning objectives and provide constructive feedback that fosters student growth. The IPGCE program employs various strategies to enhance educators’ assessment literacy, including workshops on assessment design, peer assessment activities, and opportunities for self-assessment and reflection.

The role of assessment literacy courses, peer assessment activities, and self-assessment tools in the IPGCE program

The IPGCE program integrates assessment literacy courses that delve into the principles of effective assessment design and feedback provision. Additionally, peer assessment activities and self-assessment tools enable educators to apply and refine their assessment skills in real-world contexts.

Preparing educators to evaluate and improve their assessment practices

IPGCE prepares educators to critically evaluate their assessment practices and make data-driven improvements. Through coursework and practical experiences, educators learn to align assessments with curricular goals, differentiate assessments to meet diverse learner needs, and use assessment data to inform instructional decisions.

The significance of assessment literacy in ensuring meaningful and accurate assessments

Assessment literacy is essential for ensuring that assessments are meaningful, accurate, and aligned with learning objectives. Educators with strong assessment literacy can create assessments that accurately measure student progress and provide valuable insights for both learners and instructors.

How the IPGCE program equips educators with assessment literacy skills

The IPGCE program equips educators with assessment literacy skills through a comprehensive curriculum that addresses assessment theory, design, implementation, and feedback. Educators graduate with the competence to design assessments that promote student growth and to provide constructive feedback that supports improvement.

In conclusion, assessment literacy is a fundamental component of effective teaching and learning. The IPGCE program at the University of Derby recognizes the importance of assessment literacy and empowers educators to design meaningful assessments and provide constructive feedback that enhances student learning.

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