Anti-Racist Fight for Justice But It Goes Sideways

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When students reported a racist photo being shared, they expected swift action to be taken. But three months later, they shared the picture on social media and ended up being suspended themselves.


One student saw a Nazi symbol drawn in lipstick on someone’s chest as they saw a video of their party. They didn’t care and knew that it was hurtful to others. The student found out it was the most offensive thing anyone could do.


Jemima and Elizabeth wanted the university to investigate as quickly as possible. They’re in their final year of school and won’t graduate until next month.


Jemima says she turned to someone with the power to deal with it. They assured us that they would quickly deal with it.


As a result of Jemima’s complaint, two women were suspended from the university. The school then assured them that the suspension was only a first step in the disciplinary process. Both women expected more punishment to follow soon.


But, as time passed, the two drama students felt the investigation was dragging. They complained that they weren’t being kept informed, they were ignored, and they weren’t given enough support.

Join the UK's #1 IPGCE at Derby

Organise for Black Lives uses technology to amplify their voices and put them in the places that matter, like the United Nations.


“It was clear that we had to leave. However, I felt like we were leaving without solving the problem. What was the point of our work?”


The longer it took someone to read my novel, the less they would like it.


Elizabeth, too, shared the post. She says she woke up two days later to emails from the university that they had both been suspended due to harassment and bullying of students and course leaders. They also accused them of bringing the university into disrepute at a disciplinary hearing.


After they were suspended, they wondered if it was because the people in the photo were stopped.


“We received backlash when suggesting pausing to reflect on the violence in video games.”


They are unaware of the result of an investigation that the other students were involved in, and they don’t expect to find out because of confidentiality rules.


The girls feel that the authorities are not listening to their requests and instead welcome their resignations. They ask for an apology, acknowledgement of the situation, and recognition of the stress they have been under.


In this quote, “woke” means in touch with what is happening in the world. Jemima says she was disappointed that her university wasn’t woke.


They seem to want to sell themselves as this savvy, tech-driven company.


“I thought being black meant I couldn’t get skin cancer.”


How hair can impact a black individual’s self-esteem


The University of Central Lancashire cannot comment on the outcome of the investigations into their other students. After adhering to their confidentiality, it would be inappropriate for them to divulge the information.


The organisation is reviewing its complaints processes and is taking steps to ensure they’re compliant. They are conducting an internal review of race equality to identify any weaknesses in the practices or procedures that must be addressed.


“The University is committed to ensuring that people of all ethnicities feel as valued and respected as any other.”


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