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Aldi’s Green Initiative To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

When Liz Fox joined Aldi on its graduate area manager programme in 2012, little did she know that she would be leading its corporate responsibility drive ten years later?


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High on the agenda for many companies, corporate responsibility (CR) looks at an organisation’s impact on society, the environment and the economy. And supermarkets are no exception – most focus on everything from the environmental effects of mass-consumed food to food poverty and its related social issues. And major chains are setting ambitious targets around everything from plastic waste to healthy eating initiatives.


Aldi is one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, with over 800 stores across the country. As such, it has a big CR footprint. But that’s not to say the company is resting on its laurels – far from it. Under Liz’s leadership, Aldi has set some ambitious CR targets, including a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.


So how is Aldi working to reduce its environmental impact? Well, one key area is energy efficiency. The company has installed solar panels in over 200 stores, providing enough renewable energy to power 1,000 homes a year. It’s also working hard to reduce store energy consumption by switching off lights when they’re not needed.


Aldi is also taking steps to reduce food waste. For example, it offers wonky fruit and vegetables at a discount to encourage customers to buy them. And it’s working with suppliers to ensure that food that can’t be sold in the store is used for animal feed or composted.


These are just ways Aldi is working to reduce its environmental footprint. Under Liz’s leadership, the company is certainly doing its bit to make a difference.


According to a study by the University of Manchester, if all UK supermarkets reduced their emissions in line with Aldi’s commitments, it would be the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road.


By reducing the UK\’s carbon footprint, Aldi is playing its part in helping to tackle climate change. And that’s something we can all get behind.


So it’s clear that Liz and her team are making a big difference. And with more and more people becoming conscious of the need to protect our planet, that’s only set to continue.


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